When you work at home you don’t necessarily have to have a desk in order to be comfortable and happy. There are lots of options to choose from and many of them are not necessarily suitable for a modern home. You can, however, have a desk in that empty living room space or in that bedroom, bedroom or any other room of the house. This convertible desk is a great example.

Designed by Cavallo from Minarc this desk is great for any home, especially if it has the space for it. Its design allows it to be multifunctional. You can use it as a writing desk or a working space. With the change of functionality and design, this desk can be easily adapted and turned into a bedside table in case you need one. The desk has a very simple look, with clean lines and a minimalist structure.

Couples Desk Photo 2

It’s made of solid oak and hand-turned handles. It’s simple and versatile and allows the user to use it both a sitting and a sleeping surface. You can buy the desk for EUR197.06 plus the option of a leather cushion. It comes in two sizes and has a natural finish.