A fireplace is the ideal focal point for a space, whether it’s an indoor area or an outdoor terrace or deck. Also, fireplaces can be very useful in both private homes and public spaces. But not all homes have one so you have to be creative if you want your fireplace to be a focal point. And since that’s not easy, most designers and homeowners prefer to include this feature in areas such as the living room or kitchen, especially if the room has a view of the fire pit.

A modern fireplace can have a variety of design elements. It can integrate well in a space that has a simple, neutral and bright interior décor. In this case, the fireplace is a chic décor feature chosen from the selection of modern fireplace accessories.

In a cabin home the fireplace is a must-have. In this case, the house is almost entirely decorated with tones of brown and it’s like a very comfortable and inviting space featuring a cozy atmosphere. The atmosphere is intentional and it’s a great disguise for the simplicity of the fireplace, just like in the case of the lounge area.

The fireplace is a beautiful accent feature and it can stand out without being too obvious. A large mirror is an interesting choice in this case. It enlarges the space and it makes it feel larger by reflecting the fireplace.

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