Bed is a private object which assumes temporarily the central role of our sleeping place. We look for comfort here and we need style and elegance which makes our bed stylish and beautiful.

This is the place where we hide ourselves, read a good book, take a rest or just play with our toys.The Brazilian designer Jaume Plensa presents us the hidden bed, meant to be used in the kids room. It is made “of cardboard, plywood and steel”, seems like a real comfortable furniture.

Hidden Bed Ideas By Jaume Plensa Photo 2

It reminds me of a house which has an interior which is completely opened towards the exterior, and the materials used for its construction appear natural and easy to recognize. Let’s take for example this beautiful bed that is made of strong wood, just like the interior which is decorated in minimalist black and white manner that fits the entire room.

But the most interesting and probably the most functional part is represented by the large comfortable bed which is thought to be the best choice for a kid’s room.

Hidden Bed Ideas By Jaume Plensa Photo 4

I know that adults don’t usually get to sleep in a completely open space, but in this case we are able to see that it’s not necessary. So the bed is there, under the closet, under the bed. You don’t even have to worry about the space because it serves. If I were a young kid I would like this bed even more.

Hidden Bed Ideas By Jaume Plensa Photo 5