Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Canvas Decor Ideas By Sarah Greenman

Sarah Greenman is a very talented interior designer who can handle any kind of projects, both large and small. Of course, the large projects are the most appreciated as they have a spectacular impact on the entire building. In addition, […]

Rectangular Tile Floor Design

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your home’s décor, try incorporating color. This particular design features an interesting combination of tiles, with different shapes and colors. It’s an interesting idea that would look good in all sorts […]

Bedroom Ceiling Light By DeGrowth

We love light fixtures that make a big statement, and that’s what we got our hands on with this bedroom ceiling light by DeGrowth. This modern, metal sheet filter light creates a soft, ambient glow reminiscent of the clear blue […]

Wooden Trestle Table With 3 Wooden Legs

Tables are mostly used as decorative elements, but they can also be used as tables. A wooden table adds warmth to your home, plus it’s also a very functional piece of furniture. Got wooden legs? You don’t have to worry […]

Stanley Closet Doors By By North River

Stanley is a very simple but very versatile closet door. The item was designed by North River and it’s available in several different colors which can be combined in numerous ways. You can choose any color of your preference and […]

Blue Striped Armchair By David Irwin

The name of this unusual armchair comes as a slight surprise: it looks like a striped suit. Well, it does. It’s a very interesting choice that, for some reason, works very well in the décor. The dark lines create the […]

Farmhouse Look: Chic Slovenia House

Sleek, contemporary villas set in beautiful surroundings are increasingly becoming popular across the globe, and today we have one of the stylishly titled Vals range of homes that we also fancy. Designed by Minimal Architects, this home in the pictures […]