Designed by Sebastian Herkner, the stunning glass blown pendant lamps on display at the Herzog & de Meuron 2015 Art Basel/ Costume Design competition were a hot item in the spotlight. Swiss-born designer Bosa created the line, inspired by the flower petals, to evoke the feeling of blooming flowers. In a statement that was both striking and sculptural, the lights play on light reflection and touch. The pendants feature pastel colors and are ideal for a range of decor styles from modern to transitional. They can be used individually or grouped in a grouping to cast a light fashion show in your space.

Pendants are especially stylish when they are created of glass, which allows the glowing effect to be extended to the surrounding elements. It’s a great design trick to create a contemporary or modern look and is a natural choice for a number of home decor styles. Here, the pendants are displayed in a setting that is a little more frillier because the top of the fixture is not encircled by many pieces of glass, tending to make it feel like lingerie.

At the center of this setting, a large and colorless glob of glass contains the light, reflecting off of the sea. The location of the globular pendant makes it an especially dramatic addition to the living room. It is a much different configuration from the other rooms in the space, highlighted by the blue-glass shadow line that extends from the ceiling through the space. Even the base of the pendant is made of glass, allowing the light to be more pronounced as you step upward.

Another corridor has the same kind of glass and mirror image, but in a deeper blue hue. In this instance, the richness of the blue plays on the more general sense of the corridor, from the bed’s headboard to the large, clear mirror.

By night, the gorgeous hallway is a bright, alluring space to relax and soak up some sun.