I am not a fan of the standard wallpapers that come with all the required lines and also the painting that can be seen all over the house – I prefer the wallpapers with a floral pattern that can add life and also touch the house in the interior design. Wallpapers with unusual pattern can make a house look weird and unfinished if you just paint them in random spots and then don’t follow the conventional pattern of a wall.

But if you are brave enough to take a chance and to see an incredible painting or interesting wallpaper in a factory setting you will certainly make your house unique and you will definitely decide to call it unique art. Here are some wallpapers with unusual pattern that will make your house look awesome in a certain fashion:

Tropical Wallpapers Photo 4

1. Purple Coast.

This wallpaper is perfect for a cool, calm and loving atmosphere and your home’s interior can be covered with it. Purple is a powerful and confident color so you can say it is going to blend in or look totally out-of-this-world. I personally like the design and the contemporary look.

2. Polar Terra.

What is absolutely amazing about this design is the fact that if you apply it on a black and white wall, the pattern which is actually shaped like a houndstooth fur stripe will give the walls a completely different look and even more style. In this particular case the wallpaper was used in pairs and the one bordering the ceiling and a random white color. However, if you want it to be just one bold color accent wall, great for a big house, you can add another one facing the staircase in the living room or in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. White Marble.

Marble is a gorgeous and very elegant material which is why you can find it almost everywhere in the stores. This wall covering is extremely beautiful and bright. You can find it in different colors and even different shades. It looks like marble, of course, and it is. It is used here as a design feature and as a way to contrast with the light tone chosen for the ceiling. The marble brings out the other colors and style elements and it really brings out the functionality of the kitchen.

4. Yellow and Grey.

This is another great way of introducing a different color palette. You can use it in the kitchen as a unique way of refreshing the décor and also keeping the ambiance neutral for a more harmonious design. Yellow and grey look great together, especially when combined and spread throughout the room like in this example. They are a perfect choice for a family home, whether you want it to look fresh or classic.

5. Black and Light.

The kitchen is a room full of energy. It’s also a room that usually has many appliances, and must be used with caution. But you can make it interesting by using different colors and light patterns. A white kitchen is usually very bright and fresh. A darker shade of grey will necessarily make the room feel more formal. But can you really make a dark grey kitchen gloomy? No. You can paint the walls grey for a better performance than white and also use shiny colors for the furniture.

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