It’s always fun to find a new way of decorating the Christmas tree. I usually like to try new techniques and inventive ideas. A great opportunity to come up with something new. Here’s an idea that might help: giant Christmas balls.

To make these ones you’ll first have to cover them with newspaper. Then spray paint them, let them dry and after that re-cover the nipples. For the larger ones you need more than one newspaper. After covering the tops with plastic paper and then spray painting them, let them dry and then re-cover them. You can also use plastic straws. After you’re done with that part, cut a piece of foam board and attach it to the top of the giant balls. They will be the decoupage for the Christmas tree and the others will be the coat rack for the coat rack.

You’ll need a piece of foam board which you can cut to the desired size. Then cut out a circle of the same size from the foam board and divide it in two. After that, glue them together. It’s easy and it’s also fun. After that you can start decorating your giant Christmas balls, paint them and apply a coat of mod podge.{found on christinasadventures and}