This apartment is located in Seattle, Washington, USA, and it’s a typical small space, measuring only about 25 square meters. The apartment was empty and empty for a long time, until someone decided to give it a complete makeover. The transformation was spectacular. First, the exterior of the apartment was cleared of anything that might have influenced its final look.

Then, a full-height glass wall was installed in order to allow natural light to get inside the whole space. Four large windows were added, just in case anyone might want to enjoy the views from the comfort of their own bed. The flooring was replaced with reflective white powder-coated metal sheets which reflect light and create a very beautiful atmosphere. The ceiling was covered with cathedral ceilings, a noble feature in this case.

The kitchen and the bathroom were also refurbished and their look was definitely more stylish. The kitchen is now fully-furnished and the bathroom was updated. The floor features laminated wood. One of the most important changes was the storage redesign. Now the apartment features four customizable storage spaces. They can be adapted according to the user’s immediate needs. Overall, the renovation was a very promising and inspiring example of style, functionality, extreme simplicity and beauty of the simple things.{found on apartmenttherapy}.