If you’re the type that enjoys having a meal with the family, then this type of décor is something you should opt for. It’s somewhere between formal and casual and it’s both elegant and inviting. Recently we’ve come to accept the fact that family reunions are a very successful one, especially when you get to choose the furniture.

The Denim Dishes.

For those that prefer something simple and elegant while for another type that doesn’t necessarily need a ton of details, we have a very beautiful set of dining banquettes. They are very practical and functional and they can be used in the kitchen or dining room. They were designed by Paul Mieczinski and they’re made from MDF and wood veneer. The top comes in either a variety of colors.

Dining Banquette Seating Set Photo 3

They are great for small gatherings but they can also be used in restaurants, cafes and other public spaces. They feature a top that comes in the form of a table with chairs, one for each person. There’s also a larger version with chairs and stools. The collection also includes a chic, simple bar cart.

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The Calligaris Horizon Cabinet is also handcrafted from solid ash wood. It has a refined look and it features two refreshments. One is a Portuguese nest and the other is a surround of bronze mirror. The Cabinet is crafted with an oak wood frame and solid hardwood ash veneer. It’s chic and elegant, ready to serve you on its smooth surface.

The Cosy collection is a series of simple and sophisticated dining chairs. They all have high backrests and thin and tall feet and they’re all multipurpose. They can be used as dining chairs, cosy chairs for informal gatherings, as cocktail tables or as extra seats in the living room. The project includes a series of four chairs and tables, in three colors: black, white and red.

Dining chairs such as this one are very versatile and they can be used in a variety of settings and for a variety of decors. This, for example, is an elegant sectional that could fit beautifully in a cozy breakfast nook. Of course, it would also be a good choice for the waiting room.

Space-saving and easier to store, bar stools are a good option for tiny kitchens. They can be used as extra seats in the kitchen and they’re also used as a side table. This one features a thick base with a slender and elegant form and four thin legs that give it a slender appearance.

Some modern bar stools are more slender-looking than others. In this case, the design actually makes the most of the stool’s low height. The low-hanging strip provides a comfortable surface for the user to rest his feet on. Later, this design is improved with a storage drawer. Such designs are common in modern and contemporary interiors where they can be successfully incorporated into eclectic and elegant decors.