Grey is a sophisticated and elegant color which can have many different expressions. It’s a color often used to create a casual, comfortable look, to make a space feel inviting and cozy or to simply inject some contrast.

So whether you opt for a very simple and neutral design, for a chic and glamorous living room or for a trendy and busy area where a lot of energy is in the design, a shade of grey is always a good choice. Almost all shades of grey have this boldness to them and they stand out whether they be very light or dark. Different shades of grey can have different impacts on the overall décor and ambiance.

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A very simple type of grey is this light grey which doesn’t really stand out. It can be easily combined with white for a chic touch to a room which is typically dark. In this particular case the design is just simple and the focus is on the shape and the overall neutral color palette.

A darker shade of grey is usually used in traditional interiors. This shade of grey is usually blended with white and other neutrals or with brown. It provides a very warm and welcoming appearance. At the same time, it’s an elegant color which can help create a more serious atmosphere.

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The grey color is a cool shade. It works well in traditional or rustic interiors and it’s a great alternative to white. It’s a shade that looks very natural in minimalist interiors. It complements the room without adding more points of interest.

In a space that has a high ceiling, a dark shade of grey would make the room feel smaller and cramped. Instead of looking bland and gloomy, such a color can actually have a positive effect on the décor. It can make the space feel warm and cozy and it can also help disguise any harsh lines and certain types of patterns.

A beautiful shade of grey is needed in combination with bright colors. For example, the room with yellow accents would benefit from a grey shade. It would match nicely with the yellow accessories and the yellow flower arrangement. But there’s also a variety of other beautiful colors that go well with grey.

When using grey in interior décor it’s usually complemented by brighter shades such as yellow, orange or red. This is also a nice way of introducing an accent color into the décor and breaking the monotony.

You can also take the opposite approach and use grey as an accent color and then use yellow, orange, red or green for contrast. Really bright shades don’t usually stand out so it will be refreshing to see them paired with grey.