Here is an idea of how you can save space on your hallway. Shoes are the problem nowadays so you must purchase a large number of shoes in a big size and fit them each in a narrow corridor space. Shoes will fit one another also if the pair of shoes are nearly the same size. But you need to make some calculations and find out the best way to store your shoes.Here are some models of hallways furniture with shoe storage.

It depends on what you want to store and where. Here is a set of three shoe boxes that fits one bedroom, one closet and one hallway. If you want to keep the night out and the rest of the hallway crowded with shoes you should opt for closet or just separate them into smaller boxes. If you choose to store them all in one place and close the doors, they should be closed at night and never opened.

These shoe boxes are perfect for where you have several pairs of shoes and you would like to keep them all stored close to the entrance. And they are easy to use, as you can just slide, pull and tap and this way they will stay there waiting for you, waiting for you to see them and shopping for them.

You can also choose to personalize them by choosing a certain color and polish. They are sold in different sizes and there are also available a special set of 25 shoe boxes with a display space of 1.5 m2 and a linen closet. For $26.98 they are available from YnM and you can order yours for $60.