I think that the most difficult part when decorating the home is to find the right decorations for every corner of the house. When you have items like plates, vases, framed photos, sculptures and other decorative items, those come with a price. More often than not they all cost close to $100.000. But sometimes, you can find fake expensive works of art, cheap but still impressive sculptures, vintage items and decorations that come in the same domains. These are the perfect example for me.

Alexander Laschen has also inspired many people with his wonderful creative vision by the wood that he uses. The designs he creates look so carefully and beautiful that you will be impressed by the result. It is said that he has a gift of designing all sorts of “home” items, but I doubt what that really is.

Arrow Wall Hanging Vase By Alexander Laschen Photo 2

This beautiful wall carving is not a work of art, but I respect the original art and try to not distort it. It is called the “Decorative Apple” and it is actually some fake apples that you can carve with a carving knife. It’s an easy process and you don’t need a lot of time for it. It’s definitely a nice way of adding some flavor to your interior décor.

If you have a fireplace you should definitely use this material because it looks very good and many other people agree that the fireplace is a very beautiful place. So if you can’t decide yet how to carve a fireplace or if you simply want to have a symbolic present for your father/mother, this is the best solution.