Raj Rawr is a contemporary residence located in Tehran, Iran. It covers a surface of 82 square meters and it has an interesting interior design that distinguishes most importantly from the color palette. The most important feature for the baby’s room is probably the pink accent wall. It’s a bold but simple and chic feature that adds color and charm to the room, making it more inviting. Most of the room has plain white walls and this created a clean and simple background for the pink accent wall. However, the accessories and decorations have also been carefully chosen.

The shelves are made of wood and they complement beautifully the rest of the décor. But on the other hand, they add warmth and texture and they are also an elegant detail that would make the room feel complete. And because the room is small, the designer decided to use two simple bedside tables and this it’s obvious that they are both pink. In combination with the wallpaper on the walls it immediately became the center of attention.

Blue Decor For Nursery Room With Pink Accents Photo 2

The other elements that are important in this case are the rug and the drapes. In order to create a uniform décor, the two main colors were chosen as a set. The rug has red, blue and yellow stripes and it’s a bold and vibrant color. The drapes feature the same color scheme. They have a simpler look and they match the rest of the décor beautifully. It’s a very nice choice for a nursery room.{found on designsponge}.

Blue Decor For Nursery Room With Pink Accents Photo 3

Blue Decor For Nursery Room With Pink Accents Photo 4