On your beach house, you don’t necessarily need to be painted a silly color. In fact, if you have the chance, you should try to make it “coral” colored. That is because this color reminds me of the beautiful and vividly painted shells, of the blue water and all the wonderful colors of the summer season.

This item is both useful and decorative. The purpose is to “color” the walls of the beach house and all the surfaces that can have such a “jelly” inside, to make them a laughing>> theme and to assure everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed inebiting the new arrival and bring them in the pool, in the terrace, even at the entrance.

Actually, the model is actually inspired from the beautiful shell of a pear tree, a figure considered particularly close to life and fresh for the ocean beaches. With all these features, why wouldn’t you feel the need to bring the smile of a seashell into your house? If you think it’s too dramatic or too much, try using some smaller decorations instead.

Coral Colored Decor For Your Beach House Photo 3

I know it’s not very fun to see a totally white ocean, but with some gray shells you can have the beach feel like a totally white ocean. Besides, it is the perfect background to chronicle interesting things that happen on your beach. Besides, the shells testify in time and keep them around even if you take them somewhere with you, like a museum.{found on Driesseveille}