Kids love to play with their shoes and they also like to climb on them and to see them put their shoes on. So giving them a shoe rack is basically a way of letting them have something to store their shoes in plain sight and of looking at them as potential future children. When your kids grow up, this usually means you will have to put together something to store their shoes.

Diy shoe racks are most popular in homes but can be equally well-equipped in public spaces like restaurants or mall. Here are some designs that you might find interesting. As you can see, the shoe racks are a part of the living area’s design and they follow the same pattern as the furniture. It’s a very nice way of personalizing a space and you can choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes for each person. You can also just buy a pair of shoes and display them in the room, like a painting would. Pair them with a beautiful chandelier for a more intimate atmosphere or maybe with a light-colored or black pendant lamp.

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