Rugs are beautiful accessories that can add a spark to your décor. They are also great to have around as they are both functional and stylish. A black and white striped rug would look beautiful in any room of the house. The rug is also a beautiful accessory for the home and it can be used along with black paint for a more intense impact.

The impact of the rug should be strong enough to make a strong visual statement. You can choose the perfect portion of the rug that you think would stand out and match with the rest of the décor, colors, shapes and sizes. Overall, the rug should be simple in order to allow the room to feel warm and cozy. You can also raise it on a wooden floor so that you can have a more comfortable seating.

If you decide to have a black and white striped rug, make sure it would be enough to cover the entire room. This way it will stand out and it will also become a great source of color for the décor. It would be an elegant and strong décor for the living room. For a more dramatic effect you can also opt for black and white patterned tiles. For a playful touch you can use the rug in combination with black and white furniture.

Black Striped Rug Photo 4