If you live in USA you can surely appreciate the beauty of nature. It protects us from all kinds of bad things and offers us much needed fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is a great source of shelter and it takes very little space for growing. If you live in Europe or the other way around you will certainly have a problem with space. Here it is a great design for a living topiary: a living tall vegetable tree. It will protect you from many bad things that might happen to “borrow” that space.

This topiary is simple and nice, made of two wood planks that are put on top of each other. It can grow up to twenty inches in height and if you want to take more space the topiary must be smaller. Its natural color is beige ; it is an easy to place as living topiary and you may also use it as a decorative object too. For a price between $120 and $280 (for the wooden version) you can buy this item made of wood and create a very nice corner in your house. It will make you feel closer to nature and will fill your house with beauty.

Living Topiary Trees For House Photo 3