With a young child starting to explore the world, it’s natural to want to give them the best toys and clothing. But you have to take into consideration several aspects that have to do with kids. For example, you need to provide them with appropriate storage spaces for all the things they need to store but you also need to teach them how to keep the things organized and to make their bedrooms neat and organized.

The key is to offer them space for not only that but also to teach them how to keep the mess under their clothes and to clean up afterwards. It’s a process that repeats itself even more when children start to ask for help. Abehillaki Furniture Makeover was a UK-based company that specializes in custom child-sized furniture. Here are some pictures of their work. As you can see, the items presented here are all custom-made. The reason why they are all custom-made is that the designer only uses some of the materials she from her previous projects and these are not re-useable.

All the items from the picture are made of solid wood and they have very beautiful and simple lines. The width of the dresser differs depending on the height of the child. The dresser is 92’’ long and measures 83.5? wide and 14? deep. It has a traditional design, with cabinet doors that have mirrored fronts, solid frame and wooden slats that provide security against accidental passage. The children’s bed is round and safe. The backdrop in which this element is included is a very calm and relaxing one. The mirror and the lamp are the only colorful elements in the room and they are used to add some fun and color contrast.