This flat in Athens, Greece has been designed by Block 722.R.Art.C. as a home for two sisters with two distinct personalities and different tastes. One of the needs was to have a space where they could pray without bumping into headboards and furniture which is why the decor has been designed in such a way that the spaces activate each other and create a sense of fellowship between them.

The decor consists of a neutral color palette and carefully-chosen materials which are able to stand out each other and add strength and elegance to the apartment. The materials used here include beige marble, wood and gray-brown for the flooring and some matching furniture.

The clients requested a simple decoration which would allow them to feel comfortable and cozy as soon as they enter their apartment. The attention to details and the materials and textures used in the apartment as well as in the general design of the place were very important and helped create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Light Gray Wall Cladding Creates An Elegant And Timeless Look Photo 3

The staircase which connects the two floors was largely ignored. It was replaced by a wood and metal staircase which continues from the living area and serves as a focal point for the public space.

Light Gray Wall Cladding Creates An Elegant And Timeless Look Photo 4

The rooms on the lower level don’t have open floor plans but rather rather they are laid out like a vertical hallway. Their design is minimalist and the focus is on the contrast between the clean geometry of the walls and the industrial paint finish.

A sculptural staircase serves as a connector between the two floors. The different geometric shapes of the stairs tie together the rest of the apartment.

Upstairs are the bedrooms of the owners, a nursery and a bathroom.

The side wall of the bedroom hides a multipurpose space which can be used as a work space, a reading corner or just a regular guest room.

The camouflage wall of the bathroom hides a small workspace which makes the absolute most of the tiny space inside this tiny apartment. This is an interesting design strategy which can potentially be adapted to suit a lot of homes.