If you are looking for modern and elegant kitchen design ideas, you should visit the following collection. In fact this collection includes several modern and elegant kitchen ideas that would look beautiful in any modern kitchen. The kitchen designs from this collection are very choice for any household. Each one of the kitchen designs accommodates the requirement of cooking, working and dining.

Rolling kitchen island.

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The rolling kitchen island would look great in any modern kitchen. It’s a nice and easy way of extending the cooking time and serving more guests. This type of kitchen island allows the owners to move freely in and out the kitchen whenever they need the time or they simply want to. The rolling kitchen island saves more time and effort when cooking.

Bistro kitchen island.

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If you want to live in a community where there are only a few degrees of privacy, you should probably make you breakfast special by opting for the French style kitchen island. This type of kitchen island allows you to have enough space and storage space under the counter for all the necessary components. You should be able to work all day in the kitchen and enjoy a nice breakfast at night.

Black and white kitchen island interiors.

If you prefer the minimalist style then you should consider having black and white kitchen island. This would look either bright or neutral, depending on your personal preferences. Anyway, having a black and white kitchen island would definitely simplify your life.

Stainless steel kitchen island countertop.

A modern kitchen island would probably be the next thing to want to try out, even though the great majority of modern kitchens already show this combination as a perfect match. This would suit an island which has a stainless steel countertop and would also feature an attached greenhouse which is a great extra feature.

Turquoise kitchen island.

This shade of blue would be a nice addition to a kitchen given its overall simplicity and also the fact that it’s also a very versatile color which can be used to create a relaxing ambiance. Use turquoise in the kitchen and the décor and relax and recharge your batteries.


Green is a very refreshing color and it’s also the color chosen for this beautiful kitchen. It’s a color which goes perfectly well with wood and it’s also nice for the kitchen island which is relatively small and lack of storage areas.


Blue is a very relaxing and soothing color and it’s exactly the shade you should be using if you want this room to feel warm, welcoming and relaxing. A white kitchen with blue accents is the perfect combination of pure and fresh beauty.


Most colors are related to the beauty of their surroundings but this one seems to be particularly close to the blue spectrum. Purple is a gorgeous color but it can also be used when combined with white and in combination with grey.

Sky blue.

There’s very little blue in the world and almost none of us really dare to imagine it as a beautiful or relaxing color. Still, a blue kitchen can be refreshing and relaxing, like this kitchen which by the way is very stylish.

Snail blue.

The color chosen for this kitchen is unique: a snail shell. In combination with the white cabinetry it looks very natural and the glass-front cabinets are the perfect display for the color.

Deep teal.

There’s a tone of teal which we haven’t really explored yet. It’s a color which pairs well with bold tones such as orange, yellow or red but which can also be used to create a more vibrant decor.