This is the story of one of the most exemplary interiors created by Humberto Hermeto.

It’s difficult to capture it in a single picture, but it’s as beautiful as it can be. In one word, it’s rough, but the roughness of the rustic décor, the poverty of it, and the unique style of interiors makes it unique. If you take a look at the living room, you’ll see how easy it is to beautify the room by integrating mirrors, painting the walls with an artistic taste.

The rooms are not very large, but they are, in their own way, very personal. Besides the delicate color palettes and the very well-chosen decorative details, the living room seems to be the best place in the house to realize the material palette. The owner and his family have a special taste for meadows and deep forested areas, and this makes this home especially beautiful.

The owners, a large family that owns a construction company, wanted to have a cozy place to live, without losing the formal image of the house and creating comfortable spaces for the members of the family.