It’s always interesting to see the colors that influence our homes. Color is what makes a house special. It tells a story and it also manipulates several aspects of our lives. We’re not going to discuss the color of the walls. What we want to focus on is the furniture that we use, the decorative elements and the accessories and decorations.

Today we’re going to take a look at the 1950s colors of the year. It’s the year when the designers looked back and reminisced about the years when they used to decorate with all sorts of antiques and vintage items. It might seem a little unpretentious at first but there’s something very beautiful about this atmosphere.

The 1950s are definitely an exception. Not only that they were an exception, but they were a major factor in how the interior décor was received and how it was received. It might seem like a random choice of colors but it’s a regular choice and it responds to the client’s needs. The designers were quite lucky from this point of view.

Their clients always found art to be fun and the best part about their home is the ambiance and the atmosphere that it radiates. The 1950s and early 1960s were wonderful periods of time and they serve as inspiration for everything. There are, of course, variations of those colors.

Today they’re an international style and they can be seen in all of Rotterdam. The Dutch Embassy in Rotterdam is full of interesting details and accessories. Most of them are reproductions of former visits by Dutch authors that the visitors either saw or visited and they are a great way of expressing the culture and the creativity that the visitors are passionate about.

As you can see in the pictures, they are all very readable and they tell beautiful stories. Imagine how fascinating it would be to go to Amsterdam every time you see this collection. It’s indeed a way of expressing one’s personality and it’s a way of bringing back memories and creating a history.