When is a good time to consider adhoc storage for your basement? The best way I can answer this question is if you don’t have any. Most of the time I have a pretty large wardrobe where I store my clothes, shoes and accessories. I would consider putting some bins under my closet door or even a closet cabinet. Then I’ll be forced to consider the adhoc closet idea since it’s probably one of the more important components of the clothes room. It’s like a second skin which also includes the perfect wardrobe for your child’s room.

The Adhoc closet is great in a lot of different ways. It’s specially designed to be placed on the floor so the clothes don’t lift up as you try to store them up there. It’s a very good solution for small apartments but not necessarily. This closet accommodates a little six bottles of wine, a few clothes and accessories. That’s all you need for the evening.

The closet is very accessible with this unit so you won’t have to worry about a thing. The great thing about the Adhoc closet is that it’s very adjustable. It has five different height settings and it can be easily adjusted in order to fit all of your closet’s requirements. This would be perfect for a family home, a college dormitur.