Basement theaters are usually very small and can’t accommodate a large number of people. However, if you have a big family or an open social area in the house, a small and comfortable basement can be perfect. Peter Jacobs and Vicente Fonseca of Atlanta-based Peter Coombes have created an exhibition space called “Officina–_the Theater”.

It’s a 2012 exhibition that measures 4500 square feet and it’s the first screening of the kind since its inception in 2009. The main idea behind this project was the idea to take this space and make it small and intimate, like a small house in the forest. This way it would be easier to organize a small space and it would allow the owners to be in a better location from where to view the landscape. It’s a choice based on the image of the opera.

The main idea behind this project was to create the feeling of isolation and it’s why the basement was not built with an elevator, more exactly an elevator shaft, but a staircase. It makes the atmosphere even more intimate and it can be a very important element that connects different levels and can be the key to the basement’s unique character.{found on contemporist}