When you have a little girl or two, you want to have plenty of space for lounging and playing. Sofas, cribs, and bed sheets are a great way to keep her busy while she’s waiting for her to fall asleep, or even blocked off on some level when she’s done. And to break the setup, installing a shower is a great way to get her through to the shower area and back to sleep with an easy access. The Mamas Kanas furniture collection offers a stylish and romantic space for your little princess to enjoy.

Unlike cribs or beds, the Mamas Kanas furniture collection is all about the ground. This project separates the bedroom from the living room and even provides storage space for books, magazines, or whatever you think should be in the bedroom. It’s all up to your little princess to decide what she wants. Check out the full collection at Mamas Kanas.

Bedrooms For Girls By Mamas Kanas Photo 3