When we find ourselves on the end of a long day, we sometimes get achy nose and we wonder something about the existence of some life but perhaps don’t dare to think about it. Sometimes we just wish we had something to look at and to read about, some small attractive, colorful objects to surround us that make us feel better about our day. No matter how much we try, we tend to ignore the small details and in the case of the bedroom we have those annoying, syndrome colors that seem to ruin the pure beauty of the room and make it look sad and depressing. Evan Weiss came with an ingenious idea that allows us to keep on top of the situation and to enjoy the beautiful green evening.

It’s a very simple piece, made of wood and which allows us to freely express our creativity and imagination and to use them for all sorts of activities, including reading. I don’t know why someone would want to live with all kinds of seeds in there, but I guess it’s a kid’s room. It’s really cute when you see it like that, with no boundaries between the room and the other things, a place where you can leave your imagination to do whatever you want. A very creative and clever idea.