Skazzo has provided a very interesting storage bed series, the Dandy and the Blue, that combines the functions of a proper bed and a certain ship, the bed of a sailor, presented in a new environment. The bed of Blue features large, comfortable upholstery, and its headboard is available in a variety of fabrics, according to you will desire and based on the color that you love. The legs of Blue are also available in white, because like all the other pieces of furniture, it is designed based on a close relationship with the sea air, that is why it has a close correlation with sleep.

The back of the bed is also perfect for a very good rest, and it comes up to a nice triangular pocket. That makes the bed perfect for any kind of home, whether it is a modern one or a retro one. Any way, the price is really ok, as it comes as a set or as a custom item for you, in the form of a bed. But you can purchase it now for $2,400.

Storage Bed Diy By Skazzo Photo 3