Lighting is a major part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, and if you’re expecting guests for any special event then you must definitely prepare well. After all, these are the times when the most important part of the whole festivities is the lighting.

Christmas lighting regulations can be quite strict and not everyone has all the freedom of choosing the types of lights they want to use. If you’re in a situation where you are limited by the regulations as well as you have to put up or shut the lights before Christmas, then make sure you think creatively. We have a few ideas of how you can get the look and feel of string lights outside yourself and impress them with your DIY skills.

String Lights Ideas For Christmas And New Year Photo 2

1. Tiny string lights.

You can never have too many details on the little things like this. By simply buying a bunch of small balloons, you can make custom string lights which you can either keep around or bring out once you’re done being a Christmas party in advance.

String Lights Ideas For Christmas And New Year Photo 4

2. Leave the lights as they are.

A spontaneous idea: if you don’t mind the strings being all yours, then leave them as they are. To make them doubly luxurious, try adding a glass marble medallion to top.

3. Festive pine garland.

4. Miniature tree.

5. Sparkly garland.

Small details make a big difference. In this case, though, we have to rely on the structure of the items to get the look right. Get a bunch of glass balls, rub them down and tie them sequentially around a string.

6. Simple garland.

Grab a bunch of mini pine cones, in the shape of a garland, and store them on the mantel. Then, with a sparkly star, you can put them on the garland.

7. Mini votives.

Stop by the park! This is such an easy DIY project to pull off. All you need is some mini votives, a hot glue gun, some crystals and maybe even something to put in them.

8. Candy cane garland.

9. Wrapping paper garland.

10. Twine garland.

And that’s all you need!

So how do you like Christmas lights?