Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Bedroom 2015 By Asaf Solomon

Israel-based studio Asaf Solomon has completed the modern bedroom design of the 2015 project, in collaboration with furniture designer Penelope Florian. Photography by: David Deputte Asaf Solomon: “Elite bedroom for 2015 interior design & decor by Asaf Solomon. Eye- catching […]

Stone Fireplace Design By Constance Guisset

This stone fireplace display by Constance Guisset is inspired by the open space around it, what with tall ceilings and walls and natural tones and textures all around. What is most unique about this fireplace, however, are its angled ceilings. […]

Doorway Ideas To Enhance Your Home

Before you get too excited about decorating the front yard and hand-tied to the house by romantic lighting or outdoor entertainment, have you thought about thinking about the rest of the house? If you have a well-designed home with a […]

Pink Countertops From EcoTimber

Some people prefer a more modern décor for their home. In this case, this means less and more simple and bright colors. Also, new innovations are more and more attractive than the old ones. Today we’re going to present you […]

Paper Lighting Fixtures By Cast

You might have seen paper lanterns or even bridges, but these lamps from Italian company Cast are quite original and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Dubbed the Paperlight Bamboo light, it’s made of paper and bamboo – two of […]

Pumpkin Painted House

I am not a Halloween fan, but every year I get bored of the tricks and the costumes of the holiday and I start to look for something different. And I do not intentionally choose the decorations for the home, […]

Tiny Stone Cottage In Ireland

This egg shaped structure is located in Ballymahon, Ireland. It’s a tiny cottage and it measures only 40 square meters. It was a project by LID Architecture and it was built from a recycled aluminium washing tank. It’s a small […]