This bar is located in the northern district of Yallingup in the South East of Western Australia.

The project was completed in 2011 by %% design.

Bar in house by %% design:

Bar In House By %% Design Photo 3

“The place is a quintessentially historic public house in the Northern Suburbs that has been redesigned to create a more contemporary, comfortable city living experience for a growing family of three.

Bar In House By %% Design Photo 4

The kitchen was opened up to the living room and two of the three bedrooms accommodate a master bed and two astute adults ready to climb the ladder to the attic.

Bar In House By %% Design Photo 5

A bold contrast has been struck between the original red brickwork and the white slick surface of the kitchen cupboards where polished stainless steel has been inserted.

The white worktops are lined with blue ceramic tiles that can be varied in blue or pink shades depending on the occasion or the desired outcome.

The blue glass has been given a fresh canvas on which to relate the owner’s numerous collections of decorative ceramic pieces that mainly include several paintings made by her family as well as several objects that have particular historical and stylistic value for her studio.

Due to its proximity to the main road, a steep climb must be avoided and one must also consider the possibility of affecting the safety of the climbing wall.

This is why the entry door itself is made of iron and is supported by a concrete beam with steel connection between the ground and the roof.

The interior atmosphere of the house is designed to promote body heat and exposure to UV rays.

The sleeping area itself is designed to be a wide box that promotes interaction between the family and itself and is access from two sides.

The day area on the ground floor is connected to the entrance hallway where the spaghetti chair invites you to take a look at the workbench Genius kitchen, aquarium, the stainless steel kitchen, the large unfinished concrete planters, etc.

The steel elements and the domestic accessories have been placed in the order to reinforce the overall volume and to make the space more efficient.”

Photos by: Antonio López Espada