This is a project that originated from Bob Palmer who exposed himself to be a creative person and, without any doubt, he is brilliant. We all know he is indeed creative and brilliant and we admire how able he found new uses for pretty much everything.

This is a collection of copper or silver wedding or birthday ornaments that are made of copper and silver. They are absolutely adorable and, as you can see from the pictures, they are not very hard to make either. The ornaments are basically made of copper (35 mm): a copper mesh, a copper punch, 2 copper hatches, 2 copper dipping bowls, 1 copper string art, 1 copper bow and 1 extra copper ring.

I personally like them very much and I think they would look very cute in a modern home, especially if your husband has a stylish and elegant bedroom. Make the whole ensemble of these ornaments and if you don’t like the way they look just clean them up, tie them in a strand and secure them to the wall.

Lace Decorations Made Of Copper Photo 3

Lace Decorations Made Of Copper Photo 4