Rooms aren’t the only things that can create wonderful little green spaces. Even though we rarely consider them as healthy spaces to add color and decor, they can also be the perfect space for other more important things. For example, a home covered in shade is definitely more pleasant than one that features strong colors or fuchsia. But let’s take a look at a few examples to better understand how a green living room looks like.

First of all, you should adopt a more natural route when decorating a living room, such as going around the pines or other vegetation. This way you’ll create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and the décor will be structured more naturally into an organic space.

A typical living room features fresh green furniture that usually features tones of brown, beige, orange, yellow or occasionally green. There are also colorful accessories that usually have the same color. But these are ivory colored traditional living room so a more vibrant approach is needed.

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For the living room that’s supposed to be bright and cheerful, you should opt for walls and furniture that feature neutral or pale shades. It would be quite easy to also introduce some contrasting elements telling the difference between the two rooms. If you want to avoid the mismatched look, choose matching walls and brightly colored furniture.

Another room of the house can be the office. It doesn’t have to be dull and sad. In fact, a fresh vibe can be given by an office that’s white and clean. It should be a little simpler than the living room and it would be best to have one that’s also relaxing. Traditional living rooms usually have bookshelves and simple-looking furniture.

As for the decorations from the living room, they don’t necessarily have to be colorful. They can also simply be decorations that are meant to change the atmosphere. Neutrals are always relaxing and soothing. Ceramic tiles, floral arrangements, tree branches and snowy wonderlands can all prove themselves to be wonderful elements for the living room. Although colors differ, they should all be simple and neutral.