After a while you’ve probably gotten to the point where you’ve considered taking a break from your regular home and getting some work done, and then you’ve considered taking that break back to come up with something better. Pinterest had a great idea for a bedroom reading nook, and since it’s a small space, you should expect this to take a little bit longer than expected.

After a couple of days the bedroom will be ready for reading. The idea is to create a reading corner that will be comfortable and elegant but that will also be inexpensive and space-saving. For this the island was used, as well as the chairs that can make a great reading space.

To create a reading nook, as well as a relaxing one, you’ll need light, a comfortable chair and an inviting light fixture. The reading area will probably need to be somewhere in the room where the light is reflected. In the kitchen, the area behind the island is a good idea as well because it allows you to have a storage space that’s within easy reach.

Bedroom Reading Nook Makeover Photo 3

To start, you’ll need to select the reading light. You’ll need to choose a lamp that’s appropriate for the space. At this point, you should also decide on the book/magazine layout and where you want the headboard to be placed. This is one of the most important decisions and if you didn’t make it you might regret it. Once you’ve decided where the headboard will go, you can also strategize the overall look of the bedroom. For example, you can create a gallery wall behind the bed or maybe even a fireplace.

The headboard can be a part of the framing for the bed. This means it will literally decorate the bedroom and if you want it to have a cape it will take less than 5 minutes to make it happen. So there you have it, a few extra options that you can explore before making a decision.

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