There’s something extremely appealing about a healthy, natural, fun and beautiful garden. Water features are more than just a pipe to bring life and freshness to your home garden. They can transform your backyard into a complete haven. Here are a few great ideas that will bring nature back to your home and will do so without costing you a fortune:

1. Stepping Stone Paths.

Diy Water Features: 10 Great Ideas For Your Home Garden Photo 2

These lovely stepping stone pavers can be made by buying unfinished granite slabs, using marble tiles and laying a royal flush pattern. These wide, deep steps will add the texture and look of natural granite!

Diy Water Features: 10 Great Ideas For Your Home Garden Photo 3

2. Golden waterfall.

Create something more chic by using some glittering blue glass plates to fold over a small glass container and painting a patterned line around the edge of each. This is a great way to bring about a natural, girlish feel and still have all the glamour!

Diy Water Features: 10 Great Ideas For Your Home Garden Photo 5

3. Flower petals.

Flowers are always an option for adding beauty and naturalness to your home. Purchasing faux flowers in a bouquet and customizing it can make a huge difference in the appearance of your garden and the overall ambiance.

4. Backyard tree.

There’s something about a natural piece of décor that makes your yard look so fresh, healthy and gorgeous. A beautiful, organic tree can add so much for charm and appeal! And if you really want to make it special, think about buying a live exotic tree and adding it to your outdoor space!

5. Crazy compact.

Sometimes a smaller footprint is the best option. This compact living space packs in so many small pockets that even a tiny space can have a big impact on the look of your entire outdoor area!

6. Custom sailboat.

Naval Sailboats are obviously a huge piece of art. You can find them in a variety of sizes and even color. And that “nautical look” starts off the passion and love for the ocean, of course!

7. Crazy Cacti.

If you love the outdoors and have the time to take care of them, why not make a little landscape design fun for the garden! Take a cutting edge look with some cute, lime green stepping stones.

8. Fun fluff sculpture.

Take a cutting-edge, sculptural heart of a plant, in the center of your garden and bake it inside a blue infill! This is another easy DIY to accent with and enjoy!

10. Decks, Trunks and More.

Take all your terrariums and clean them out. Get rid of the excess pieces and replace them with modern looking décor. This will take your outdoor space from the stress of summer to the rest of the summer!