This minimalist living room is designed by Susanna Cot and it’s located in Bangkok, Thailand.

The décor makes use of warmer tones and more natural light, with small accessories and accent features that give it personality.

Minimalist Living Room Interior Design By Susanna Cots Photo 2

The home is almost entirely white, with minimal accessories, cozy cushions, and fresh plants to add some color and freshness.

The living room is part of an open floor plan that also includes the dining area and the kitchen.

The dining area is very simple, with a large table in the center and chairs surrounding it on three sides. Two white chairs fit neatly around it, forming a casual dining area.

The kitchen is black and white. Minor changes in its decoration make it stand out. The black countertops and backsplash contrast with the white walls and white ceiling. It’s a simple and completely satisfactory change.

The black and white combination is well-represented throughout the room, in the colors chosen for the furniture and the decorative accessories.

The staircase, which was previously narrow, was carefully rebuilt and now takes the place of a smooth glass wall that separate the areas for privacy.

The bathroom is bright and simple, with white walls, flooring, and a sleek tapestry on the wall.

By the way, did you notice that yellow chair? It came in the shape of a flower.