Loving this chair I always wanted to sit on it because it is comfortable and I like to relax on a chair. So in order to do this I first had to find a sofa and a place to sit on. And I really did not like a sofa that was not comfortable or I have not enjoyed so much the luxury of having a comfortable seat. So a compromise was necessary and it was reached by leaning backwards into a net chair. It is called “rising” and when I say this I also refer to a plastic rising chair which is only as a ladder or a scaffolding network that precedes the rising meadow. It is also called like that because of its leaning characteristics and its green woven style.

This leaning chair is beautiful and also very handy because it brings a special sport to your house or office: relaxation. It is beautifully designed and the photo is just gorgeous. It is the kind of chair that can be used both indoors and outdoors , as long as you keep it inside and do not move it outdoors. It is available in many colours, from green to black and even red and black, but you can also choose the right one for you – either green if you like green, black or red and then you can add a plastic or metal cushion for a better look.

Rising Chair By Tyanyl Humberto For Absalino Photo 2

Rising Chair By Tyanyl Humberto For Absalino Photo 3