When you have a home, whether it’s in an apartment or in a house, you tend to think that it’s the other place that you live in, because it’s easier and more comfortable to work from home versus to be in the big city, even if you have to. But did you ever think that you could use your home as an office or studio? We all do and every once in a while we return home to find we find we can no longer live in the house. But what if instead of going home, you want to come back?

When you have your own space where you can use your imagination, creativity and all those cool things you’ve gathered over the years you spent commuting, working in the city and everywhere else, you suddenly won’t need to do that. In fact, the more space you have at home the more time you have to devote to cleaning and organizing and getting rid of all the mess in the house. So what exactly can make a house feel bigger?

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Well, a small house would feel even smaller. But that’s because in a small home you can’t really optimize your ideas when it comes to rooms and the space you’re using. In other words, you can’t have a big living room or a big kitchen or a large bedroom if you’re living in a small house.

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A small house can be anything you want it to be. It can be anything from an apartment to a loft or a holiday home. Just work with your imagination and try to see through your house and find the way you fit everything together. Use everything and anything to make the most of your space.