Most homes have a bedroom with a large balcony or a small deck that serves as a sort of extension of the living space. However, this isn’t the only purpose that can be fulfilled. By having a bedroom that is in direct connection with the outdoors and by having a pool, you can gain more relaxation and enjoyment from the landscape and the views. Depending on the type of landscape you have chosen to be surrounded by, the bedroom can be a very interesting and relaxing space.

For example, you could have a very calm and relaxing bedroom with balcony that would be partly just an open space protected by the ceiling and with small but chic and elegant furniture. Beneath the ceiling there’s a relaxed lounge area with comfortable and stylish armchairs. The combination of white and gray is very beautiful as well as the natural wood which is used for the rest of the accent elements and the decorations.

But often, the best way to enjoy a beautiful landscape is by opening the eye to it and it’s a reason why this bedroom is so serene and beautiful. The panorama is very beautiful but it’s impossible to ignore the calm and the beautiful details that this room has to offer. It’s a perfect example that shows us we can achieve great things without using the resources that others might offer us.{found on houseofturquoise}.

Elegant Bedrooms With A Secluded Balcony Photo 3