While some prefer to ignore this aspect and try to make the kitchen look as modern as possible, we find these bookcase designs to be just as interesting. They have double functions, each serving a specific purpose. You can use these bookcases as a storage space but also as a room divider or as storage for decorations on the walls.

Modern designs featuring glass front doors.

Kitchen Bookcases – Double Functions, Perfect For The Modern Home Photo 2

It’s important for the furniture to be practical and functional. For that, a modern or contemporary kitchen needs a well-designed glass front door or a set of large doors.

Glass-front cabinets.

The use of glass for the kitchen cabinets is more subtle. Usually, the cabinets are made of glass or stainless steel. They are usually square or rectangular and they don’t take space inside the cabinets. However, glass gives them an entirely different look, especially when used in combination with mirrors.

Stainless steel accents on the kitchen island.

It’s one thing to have stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and it’s a whole different story if you have an island. If you choose to have stainless steel appliances, they should all have a little bit of stainless steel in them. This way they will almost always match the rest of the kitchen décor.

Built-in appliances.

If you’re not really concerned about the storage capacity of your kitchen, then you can take advantage of that and build-in appliances. For example, the cooking area can feature built-in appliances with very practical and space-efficient storage compartments.

Stainless steel sink.

The place where dirt is always seen is the kitchen and that’s why it’s important for this piece of furniture to have a functional and practical design. Built-in kitchen sinks are very popular and they are very appreciated for their simple and practical design.

Built-in wine racks.

Another very common and popular element in most modern kitchens is the kitchen island which often doubles as a wine rack. This allows the users to store a limited number of glasses and wines in there and still have an organized rack.