This is a house located in Japane, Japan. It has a simple and modern design and the exterior is quite different as well. The house was designed by Takeru Shoji Architects and it covers an area of 109.0 square meters and it sits on a 179.0 square meters site. The construction was completed in 2011. The residence covers an area of 94.0 square meters with a total floor area of 264.0 square meters.

The original house was a big house with a simple and spacious floor plan and with plenty of rooms for storage. The residence also had a basement and a basement and it was in good condition. The basement was his main area. It has lots of storage space, stairs leading to the basement and a small dining room that can accommodate 6 people. The rest of the rooms are spread around the house.

The architects focused on creating a simple, modern design for the house that would allow the owners to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the views. They used sustainable materials and building techniques such as hardwood, bamboo, recycled windows and steel and they managed to create a very zen and simple design. The house also features several large windows that helps it feel more spacious while also allowing the inhabitants to have beautiful views.{found on archdaily}