You may think that building a pergola is something that you can do by yourself and without the help of professionals. However, in this case you are wrong. Pergolas are structures that are designed and built by the experts and they are usually very sturdy, durable and able to survive even in mountainous regions. So they usually require professional help.

It’s the case of this modern pergola that was designed and built by Liverpool Gardens and it’s located in a beautiful surrounding area surrounded by fruit trees, flowers, and leafy vegetation. When you look at this structure it’s not as if it’s a separate freestanding structure. It’s a seamless combo.

The professionals of Liverpool Gardens did a great job when designing this beautiful structure and they used modern materials and language to make it stand out. The exterior of the pergola and the trees in the garden and they have similar forms. The interior of the structure is not that different either. It’s a large area where trees and vegetation occupy most of the space.

The pergola and the treesoma are two different elements. On one hand the pergola just features a small tree maybe hidden inside some rocks or filled with sand. On the other hand, the trees have a large and very strong green cover that would cover a large portion of the outdoor space. It’s a very beautiful balance. Inside the pergola, there’s a swing bench that can be used for relaxing. Other activities use this space. The entrance to the pergola is hidden behind a wooden door and there’s also a small area near the entrance where an A-frame tree can be seen.{found on lepamphlet}.

Modern Pergolas Design From Liverpool Gardens Photo 4