Most people like having a pool at somewhere reasonable temperature, but for some this idea of having a hot tub in the middle of a chute is a little out of the question. Personally, I don’t like this type of tubs, but I have to admit that having one that’s not completely open-air is a stylish addition to a home. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular pool ideas.

1. Stackable and Covered in Trees.

Pools Ideas – What Colors Do You Like? Photo 2

Is this look you can create? I wouldn’t mind creating this in an indoor space, since it’s so natural. But what I think we’ll use the concept of stacked bathing tubs in a home is as an overflow spa or in a guest room. Imagine pouring down a few bubbles while the hot tub is, type of relaxation I wish to give my friends, or just a soaking tub.{image sources: 1 and 2}.

Pools Ideas – What Colors Do You Like? Photo 3

2. In the Concrete Garden.

Pools Ideas – What Colors Do You Like? Photo 4

Garden umbrellas are soo great because they allow you to have the best of both worlds. They’re overflowing with freshness and beautiful, bright flowers, and there’s a herb garden and a beautiful vegetable garden around it. It’s the perfect place for relaxation.

Pools Ideas – What Colors Do You Like? Photo 5

3. In the Sunroom.

Sunrooms are usually small, but they are also extremely convenient. They usually also have a stone terrace or a deck, so in case the weather gets too bad, you can just close the doors and keep the sun rights. Close it when it starts to get too hot.

4. In the Guest Room.

So you’ve decided you want to spend the night in your guest room, then how about having an umbrella stand in the room? This will also allow you to be cozy, even if it’s just for a little bit.

5. In the Bathroom.

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room for your bathroom, then you must have a bathtub or a patio area around it. Use it to dry off, relax and maybe even get some work done in the morning. We all know how convenient it can be to have a hot tub in the bathroom, but what a benefit to have one in the shower?

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