The bathroom is the room that is least expected to be visited by others, the room that is the place where you store toiletries and personal things and so on. In this case the bathroom vanity is an element that doesn’t allow other people to sneak into the room nor to interfere with it in any way shape or form. It’s why the modern bathroom vanities are specifically designed to only be accessible by someone with a limited number of hand as well so the space remains free and open.

This particular bathroom vanity is not particularly very good-looking in terms of looks, but it’s a very good looking one that would look very beautiful in a modern bathroom. Notice the combination of materials and the fact that it’s a very simple design but also very chic. It’s a very stylish piece of furniture for the bathroom.

In terms of dimensions, this piece of furniture measures: between 27?W x 19?D x 17.75?T. It has a particular elegance, a delicate silhouette that makes it very stylish. There is also an attention to details in terms of color and texture. It’s a beige softly textured contrast, very beautiful and warm. You can match it with your other colors for a more contrasting effect or you can choose to create a more vibrant contrast.