Bathtubs have always represented a place for relaxation. In the ancient times, people used to take a shower and clean their heads. They were encouraged by their physicians to keep a small quantity of water inside and often used aromatic plants which were supposed to help them a lot.

The Romans also had a special system for beating the bone, something which we still use even today. So we gave up the ancient practice and used the modern way of having a shower.The Colico concept was meant to bring some originality to a modern era, to remind us of the ancient habit. So showers are no longer just a utilitarian shower, but a symbol of modernity and style.

The SensoFoun platform bathtub is a limited editioned in five sizes and available in white, graphite grey or black and in two colors. It is perfect for small spaces and made of laminated and molded alive cast aluminum and it has an elegant design. As all the other pieces of the collection have a versatile design and fit any décor , they can be used also for workshops, bars or even restaurants.