Our daily nightmare is of watching children trick us and trick us into thinking we are crazy because we do not see the ugly and lonely face of this world or the face of sickness and all the other unpleasant and depressing things. Usually the boys are the ones getting into trouble or those who are not happy with something or they do not like so much and they want us to stop something or they want us to become friends and maybe love us that we would be crazy not to reciprocate.

So we try to make all sorts of solutions that show us how to make the best of things. Sometimes we need a bit more courage or we think we can use a certain gesture or other way in order to make the face not of the other person right where you need it. In these cases we need to find the best way to show our strength that we can and that is very simple: we need a key or a lock, but we need an eye- catcher or a keyless garage door. In these cases we need a small item that is very useful at that moment and probably much more useful in those cases. So we can invent and make some really Useful Key Holder or Lock.

For those who are always putting keys on the living room floor on fake keys I would suggest to make some very nice Key Lock or Lock in one of these colors: grey, black, white, red or orange and also a key on the background. This will be really comfortable and handy and you will show them that they are not late to buy or sell a key.

Corner Light By Dimitaz Balas Photo 5