The Emory Stray Furniture Company was formed in 2004 by two architectural artists, Mogens Mandrup and Toni Sabatino. They do an amazing job in creating simple and timeless furniture which is easy to integrate in any interior décor.

This beautiful furniture has a very simple and timeless design, with clean lines and edges, soft curves and a very stylish combination of colors and textures. It’s the perfect mix of old and new and the contrast is always visible. One minute it’s a minimalist structure with a small galley kitchen, the next it’s an oversized bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet and so on.

Emty Frames House By Roger Christ Photo 2

The structure is divided into two volumes. One of the volumes is primarily functional, the other being purely decorative. The general image is grey, black and white. It’s a representative combination of the two styles that is specific to this style. The rest of the house is nicely balanced.There’s also a nice distinction between the two volumes. One is more simple, minimalist and has a functional interior while the other is more colorful and internally challenged.

Emty Frames House By Roger Christ Photo 3

Also, each volume has its own style and it each has its own characteristics but they all share in common the neutral grey look and simple and chic designs. Each volume is unique and has its own characteristics.