Industrial style interior design is one of the most well known design style in the world. It is known for its rough, edgy style that is synonymous with modern homes. This trendy is a great way to spice up your home that is covered in industrial pieces. Let’s take a peek at one such shop in London.

The design shop is called Minita. The name is quite suggestive due to the style chosen. The interiors of this shop feature a rough style that is very commonly seen in industrial spaces or newer properties. This style is definitely not lacking in terms of color or pattern. It’s an environment that is very welcoming but which can’t be ignored.

The interiors of the shop feature lots of color and it’s a very well balanced combination. For example, the main color used in the décor is painted white. Moreover, the shop has an imposing ceiling with exposed pipes and wires. The beams have the same color as the walls and they support the shelves creating a very beautiful visual effect.

The shop is located in London and it’s in a small corner store or garage. Guards give a protective look to the shop but don’t remove the painted walls. They simply add a modern touch to the décor. The ceiling above the shop is painted white but it’s not an inconvenient in this case. It helps create the final décor that is both simple and contrasting.{found on site}.