This cozy living room is midcentury modern. We’re talking about the sliding glass doors, the beautiful round table, the chairs, the fabrics and the bookshelves. The wood floors are also beautiful. Midcentury living rooms are also easy to decorate. They tend to be a little too cozy and they benefit from having a fireplace.This particular living room also features exposed beams, another beautiful element. This architectural detail contributes to an overall warm and inviting atmosphere.

The décor of this living room is very similar to the one in the case of the bedroom, although the atmosphere seems a little fresher this way. The fireplace makes it seem like a natural connection between this room and the balcony. The rest of the décor is simple and is partially the same.

Midcentury Living Room Design Photo 2

One of the most difficult areas of the house is the bathroom. It seems like a mixture of old and new, contemporary pieces that work together to form a harmonious décor. The designer played with textures, colors and materials to create a contrast that suits this room like a glove. The floor features a very beautiful natural wood that was hand painted with black and white stripes. The bathroom features glass walls that let the beautiful décor and natural light in.