This lovely home is located in Windsor, California, United States. It covers a total area of 2,300 square feet and it was designed in 2010 by interior designer Monica Ganea. It’s a beautiful home with a simple but elegant and pleasant interior décor. The attention to details is very important in this case. This place has a history of strong influence from ancient to modern and it’s visible that it has always been faithful to its roots.

The owner requested a simple interior décor that would suit her lifestyle and her needs. She decided to use an elegant color palette with shades of gray and white. These shades are usually perceived as neutral and they are often used in interior design as color alternatives. It’s why they don’t seem so suitable for this home. In terms of interior design, the decorations are numerous. There are beautiful and eye-catching works of art, each with its own unique story and telling through the details.

The living room is particularly beautiful. It features delicate and romantic decors and it’s very cozy and inviting. The furniture is simple but the decorations are stylish and the visual impact is strong and visible. The ceiling is well painted and the whole room has a very cohesive atmosphere. The floor has a very interesting design. It includes symbols of many types and the colors and textures clash and often form a very interesting mix. In the bedroom there’s a very interesting touch of color: a series of dots representing the time. It’s a décor that is not that common but very original and unique.{found on home ds}