Pink is the trendy color right now. Often tends to be perceived as depressing and uninspiring, but this isn’t always the case. Is a pink bedroom a bit too cliche for some people? Well, yes and no. The key is to create a space that’s unique and different. We’ve collected a few of the most elaborate pink bedrooms and living rooms from around the world, but since we have some pretty big headroom for the bed, we’re going to show them to you in style.

First we have to go to Turkey’s most dazzling palace. The Missoni department store is located there and, as you can imagine, everything is pink. It doesn’t matter if you have pink walls in the room or not, but it’s a very daring shade that ruins your day.

Pink Teenage Rooms With Unique Designs That Make Girls Happy Photo 2

A Japanese theme reigns in this bedroom and all the accessories and decorations are pink. A very chic touch is the cherry red sofa that looks so delicate and the white and pink art piece that is actually a framed pink photo.

The penthouse you see here is located in London and it is incredibly cheerful. This is a penthouse that reflects pure joy and dynamism. This room can have a dynamic room set. But it can also turn into a sadistic place if you want to ruin your beauty. It’s not easy to create a depressing place where you can ruin your mood.

This penthouse from the Seventeenth Century Hotel is the perfect expression of this freedom. It’s the room in which you will probably have the most independence you could wish for. It’s the room that is meant to show you that you can decorate in your own style and that you can relax and have some quality time without having to worry about anything else.

I’m sure that this room doesn’t say relaxation, but it sure shows you some dynamism and freedom. The bright pink carpet and the matching seat cushion are the best choice so as to create a light and breezy atmosphere. You will feel like a million bucks at your apartment, not that it’s not empty and rich.

The South Shore’s Duplex is also a great example of how pink is a good color. It is a contemporary apartment which was decorated so that it will give you everything you need, but not yet your level of taste. It is such a joy to just explore and go on such a great adventure, to find what you love and to meet wonderful people and if you love it why not buy it?{found on mixr}